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“Now that the sanctions are beginning to” bite the enthusiasm for war and isolation decreases rapidly, “- the article says. Over the past nine months, public opinion polls show that support for the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine has fallen from 74% to 23%.” The sanctions are working “- says Director of the Analytical Center of Yuri” Levada Center “Lev Gudkov. Consumers cities in Russia” is not ready to tighten their belts. ”

Despite growing concern about the standard of living, Putin’s approval coffee beans remain at record levels.However, this may soon change, according to the author of the publication. “Putin is aware of the danger. In order to maintain his position, he needs the West removal of sanctions, which would affect the economic growth in Russia, but at the same time, he must follow his theory of the external enemy,” -otmechaetsya article.

Putin’s message was to convince the people and the elite that nothing terrible happens, and that Russia can sustain as Western sanctions, and falling oil prices. Nevertheless, Putin looked tired and worried than betrayed a lack of confidence in itself. It was a complete contrast to Putin, who was a year ago, the author concludes.

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Edition of Die Zeit wrote that no West pushes Russia from Europe, it does Putin himself . Today’s Russia is different from the previous one. Aggression against a neighboring country – more than an attempt to increase the sphere of influence of Russia. Moreover, it ignores any democratic movements within the country itself.

Olympic champion in 2004 in swimming Frenchwoman Laure Manaudou was detained in the gift shop at Disneyland Paris. As “to” referring to the radio Europe 1, athletes in the bag was found unpaid goods in the amount of best coffee.

28-year-old athlete was caught at the exit of one of the souvenir shops in the amusement park with a four-year daughter and her friend. First, local security officials inspected the bag girlfriend swimmer – there were outstanding souvenirs worth about 300 euros. Then the guards checked the bag itself Manaudou, finding in it a few more stolen items.

15 Dec

In the world of video games

The analyst Marco Aurelio Barbosa, CM Capital Markets, said the possibility of the return of a tribute as the CPMF, added to the taxation of dividends and the end of the interest on capital bring more an “anchor” for the call of duty environment with direct impact purse.

“Any tax crunch will only be tolerated if it comes accompanied by strong cost containment, otherwise, we will see stampede of investments so dear to sustaining economic growth,” said in a note to clients.

This concern weighed on the roles of banks, due to the regular policy of paying dividends in the case of Itaú; and interest on capital for Bradesco, which receded. The actions of these banks retreated close to 2% at the end of this morning, pushing the Ibovespa, the strong participation of these securities in the index.

Yesterday, the index fell 4.47% to 52,276 points, the biggest devaluation in two months. The roles of Petrobras pushed low. The sharp devaluation was helped also by caution about the new challenges of economic policy, although the market has approved Joaquim Levy in front of the Ministry of Finance.
BM & FBovespa announced on Monday the first preview for the new portfolio of the Ibovespa, which will be valid from January to April 2015, with output of the preferred energy of São Paulo distributor Eletropaulo and input from ordinary papers malls Multiplan management company.

The Minister of Finance, Guido Mantega, declined today to comment on the project that proposes the taxation of profits and dividends paid or credited by companies to individuals or legal entities. Currently, the Law 9,249 / 95 exempt such income from the payment of income tax.Upon arriving at the ministry, the minister avoided talking about xbox games. “I have not introduced any proposal in view”, merely to say when asked about it.

The project, which is in Congress, authored by former Deputy Ricardo Berzoini, Minister of Institutional Relations, and Mr Renato Simoes, both the PT of Sao Paulo, would have to be approved by the end of the year to take effect.

Vegetables and health

Although sales of both the brand new iPhone 6 , as its counterpart, the sensationally large-and-in-charge iPhone 6 Plus, continue to run swimmingly as projected, Apple, debate-ably one of the largest and most powerful American technology and wireless designer suede ankle boots companies, is still not pleased with the fact that the iPhone 6 Plus typically being not sell as much as its smaller “brother”.


According to a report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, the US, the 4.7-inch device giant Apple, the iPhone 6, stands in front of sales, occupying about 68% of all sales of iPhones in the first 30 days. Your “brother” will certainly want to get his hands on this phone which is larger than his own face and ankle boots for women, Plus the iPhone 6 will have to settle for only about 23-24% of the share, ie a membership of at least three times the device inch smaller.

Together, the new iPhone 6 occupy about 91% of all iPhone sales within these 30 days, while the remaining 9% are delivered to older devices, iPhone, iPhone 5S and 5C. If you’re keeping track, that’s way too many phones per fiscal year for one single company to be putting out on the market. However, they still don’t have the largest market share of mobile smartphones in the world; that honor goes to the Korean giant Samsung, whose millions of phones all run Android operating systems.

After seeing their new devices to hinder sales of the new iPads , Apple has now much to think about for their next round of gadget sales, hoping to detect what may have failed to allow such a discrepancy in revenue this year, with the iPhone 6 is now selling about three times more than his big fat brother, iPhone 6 Plus.

The Physical and Moral Aspects of Man

The scientific discussion begins with the debate on the relationship between the physical and moral aspects of man, the case study of this debate being the relationship between the evil eye, an immoral part of man, and the biology of the eye, the physical part of monster energy zero ultra.  The connection between the two former parts was described with, ‘‘the passions, with the violence of the spirits, cause differences in man’s appearance, with different signs. Physique depends on morale and is modified by it.’’  The danger in a stare is determined by the mood of the one looking.  Ancient philosophers believed in the theory of extramission in visual perception in which a person can send emanations from their eyes through the act of seeing.


This theory was widely abandoned between the 13th and 17th centuries when it was replaced with the intromission theory. Giovan Leonardo Margui was a physician, former mathematician at a military academy and student of high energy drinks in university; he provided a more scientific view, for the time, to the topic, interpreting jettatura in terms of electricity.  Extramission was studied again in the 18th century and is a popular theory studied in colleges today.

Another theory that has been presented was commented on in an article in The Foreign Quarterly in 1828 read, “the French Academy, in 1826, resolved to give attention to animal magnetism; and that our old friend Dowsterswivel’s [sic] speculations on the divining rod will probably be embodied in a scientific form by the labours of the Comte de Tristan. If these two latter theories are likely to be raised to the rank of sciences . . . who shall presume to say that in the future the circle of human knowledge may not be increased by a scientific treatise on the jettatura?”  (Ross 47-57)  Animal magnetism and galvanism, the second theory referenced in the article, follow a similar idea and structure to jettature.   But due to the healing properties of the first two and the malignant nature of the latter, they are diametrically opposite meaning that the existence of one thing irrefutably proves the other’s existance.

Galvanism is the use of unidirectional electrical current, derived from chemicals like those in the human body, used on a person for therapeutic purposes; animal magnetism was a theory practiced in the late 18th century to heal patients.  The hypothesis was that there is a natural fluid flowing in and between all components of the universe the fluid can come off balance and cause disease in the person, but it can be passed from one person to another to restore balance and health.  Schioppa’s believes a jettaturi must be magnetized to neutralize their influence; closely linking jettatura to animal magnetism. Schioppa also believed the electromagnetic waves could move as fast as light from the eye.  French enlightment thinkers studied this theory and decided with the fluid, electrical current, jettatura should be on the branch of magnetism. (de Ceglia 75-97)  Giving the superstition a strong scientific foot hold for future studies.

You have to be vigilant

The guided tours are confirmed for the winning solution to know and appreciate the vast cultural heritage of the region. Engaged over 400 tactical hatchet and cultural operators, service supports 81 offices tourist information and reception, for a total of over 2,900 activities. To note the routes accessible to guests with special needs. In August, the trip through the beautiful Puglia becomes a measure of the family, with activities designed for younger tourists, and cultural heritage in the city more hospitable for girls and boys, through educational workshops, hatchets for sale, themed tours. Finally, there are places and activities in which you welcome your friend and traveling companion on all fours.

In the meantime, are in full swing activities aimed at families with children.


With Puglia Open Days for Kids historical centers and cultural heritage become more welcoming and child-friendly, thanks to workshops, shows, themed tours. Museums, castles, palaces and cave churches welcome children with fun and interesting workshops: playing with history, art and archeology.

In the province of Lecce continues unabated emergency plant by Luella fastidious, the bacterium endemic (transmitted by insect’s leafhoppers) that causes rapid and extensive dieback to the foliage of the olive trees bringing them to the progressive decay in a few months. Occurred a couple of years ago in Salento, in the countryside of Gallipoli, about a dozen acres, and then spread rapidly.

The technicians and managers of the Consortium Peranzana attended meetings organized by Lecce (promoted by President Leo Pacino) and by the Department of Agriculture Puglisi where they were branched on the findings of monitoring the spread of the parasite bacterium; it is estimated that the acres of olive groves affected have gone in a little over a year from 11 to 23 thousand.

Meanwhile, in the last meeting held in Rome MiPad were defined proposals for action more urgent to contain the phenomenon: in fact, it was decided to integrate the proposed decree, which will be declared a state of emergency plant, which is already subject to ‘National Committee’s attention, with the enforcement measures that the region of Puglia is committed to propose, in view of the meeting convened for 27 August.

More specifically, in addition to the establishment of a steering committee responsible for coordinating the various initiatives, the emergency decree must contain:

Details of the measures to be taken with the ‘ deepening of regulatory instruments most appropriate to implement them in a timely manner; executive plan of action , which gives precise application to the action plan already submitted to the European Commission and national interventions additional individuals, with particular reference to the ‘establishment of a protective strip between the affected area and free areas ; Research, to complete the knowledge of the mechanisms of spread of infection and to identify resistant plants

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