The Physical and Moral Aspects of Man

The scientific discussion begins with the debate on the relationship between the physical and moral aspects of man, the case study of this debate being the relationship between the evil eye, an immoral part of man, and the biology of the eye, the physical part of monster energy zero ultra.  The connection between the two former parts was described with, ‘‘the passions, with the violence of the spirits, cause differences in man’s appearance, with different signs. Physique depends on morale and is modified by it.’’  The danger in a stare is determined by the mood of the one looking.  Ancient philosophers believed in the theory of extramission in visual perception in which a person can send emanations from their eyes through the act of seeing.


This theory was widely abandoned between the 13th and 17th centuries when it was replaced with the intromission theory. Giovan Leonardo Margui was a physician, former mathematician at a military academy and student of high energy drinks in university; he provided a more scientific view, for the time, to the topic, interpreting jettatura in terms of electricity.  Extramission was studied again in the 18th century and is a popular theory studied in colleges today.

Another theory that has been presented was commented on in an article in The Foreign Quarterly in 1828 read, “the French Academy, in 1826, resolved to give attention to animal magnetism; and that our old friend Dowsterswivel’s [sic] speculations on the divining rod will probably be embodied in a scientific form by the labours of the Comte de Tristan. If these two latter theories are likely to be raised to the rank of sciences . . . who shall presume to say that in the future the circle of human knowledge may not be increased by a scientific treatise on the jettatura?”  (Ross 47-57)  Animal magnetism and galvanism, the second theory referenced in the article, follow a similar idea and structure to jettature.   But due to the healing properties of the first two and the malignant nature of the latter, they are diametrically opposite meaning that the existence of one thing irrefutably proves the other’s existance.

Galvanism is the use of unidirectional electrical current, derived from chemicals like those in the human body, used on a person for therapeutic purposes; animal magnetism was a theory practiced in the late 18th century to heal patients.  The hypothesis was that there is a natural fluid flowing in and between all components of the universe the fluid can come off balance and cause disease in the person, but it can be passed from one person to another to restore balance and health.  Schioppa’s believes a jettaturi must be magnetized to neutralize their influence; closely linking jettatura to animal magnetism. Schioppa also believed the electromagnetic waves could move as fast as light from the eye.  French enlightment thinkers studied this theory and decided with the fluid, electrical current, jettatura should be on the branch of magnetism. (de Ceglia 75-97)  Giving the superstition a strong scientific foot hold for future studies.

21 Nov

You have to be vigilant

The guided tours are confirmed for the winning solution to know and appreciate the vast cultural heritage of the region. Engaged over 400 tactical hatchet and cultural operators, service supports 81 offices tourist information and reception, for a total of over 2,900 activities. To note the routes accessible to guests with special needs. In August, the trip through the beautiful Puglia becomes a measure of the family, with activities designed for younger tourists, and cultural heritage in the city more hospitable for girls and boys, through educational workshops, hatchets for sale, themed tours. Finally, there are places and activities in which you welcome your friend and traveling companion on all fours.

In the meantime, are in full swing activities aimed at families with children.


With Puglia Open Days for Kids historical centers and cultural heritage become more welcoming and child-friendly, thanks to workshops, shows, themed tours. Museums, castles, palaces and cave churches welcome children with fun and interesting workshops: playing with history, art and archeology.

In the province of Lecce continues unabated emergency plant by Luella fastidious, the bacterium endemic (transmitted by insect’s leafhoppers) that causes rapid and extensive dieback to the foliage of the olive trees bringing them to the progressive decay in a few months. Occurred a couple of years ago in Salento, in the countryside of Gallipoli, about a dozen acres, and then spread rapidly.

The technicians and managers of the Consortium Peranzana attended meetings organized by Lecce (promoted by President Leo Pacino) and by the Department of Agriculture Puglisi where they were branched on the findings of monitoring the spread of the parasite bacterium; it is estimated that the acres of olive groves affected have gone in a little over a year from 11 to 23 thousand.

Meanwhile, in the last meeting held in Rome MiPad were defined proposals for action more urgent to contain the phenomenon: in fact, it was decided to integrate the proposed decree, which will be declared a state of emergency plant, which is already subject to ‘National Committee’s attention, with the enforcement measures that the region of Puglia is committed to propose, in view of the meeting convened for 27 August.

More specifically, in addition to the establishment of a steering committee responsible for coordinating the various initiatives, the emergency decree must contain:

Details of the measures to be taken with the ‘ deepening of regulatory instruments most appropriate to implement them in a timely manner; executive plan of action , which gives precise application to the action plan already submitted to the European Commission and national interventions additional individuals, with particular reference to the ‘establishment of a protective strip between the affected area and free areas ; Research, to complete the knowledge of the mechanisms of spread of infection and to identify resistant plants

Please don’t PRI

While in PRI control the president was the central figure in the government.  When a candidate was elected president the candidate also inherited the leadership of the PRI party.  The executive branch was by far the most influential branch of the PRI government.  The incredible power enjoyed by PRI presidents is known as presidencialisimo.  The president was looked as the key policy maker passing legislation while at the same time introducing mens boxers to the senate.  The president was essentially the leader of the executive branch, legislative branch, and the leader of the PRI party.  The irony is that under the Mexican constitution the inherent powers of the president are not particularly impressive.  The president’s powers in the constitution are no where near as all inclusive as they may have appeared under the long time climalite regime.  Part of the reason for the existence of presidencialisimo is the fact that federal and state legislators can’t serve consecutive terms in the same position.  This means that the political career of these legislators is dependant on the current president.  It is in the best interest of PRI legislators to appease to president.  (Nacif)

adidas climalite

The most powerful action given to the president in the Mexican Constitution is the package veto.  This veto in itself is not that powerful because the president is unable to enact any sort of partial veto, having to take or leave the bill the way it is written by the congress.  The veto still proves to be the most powerful tool in the president’s arsenal to shape legislature, especially if his party controls a chamber in congress.  The president is also responsible for instituting the budget bill, but once introduced there is not much that can be done by the president.  It is still unclear whether constitutionally the president can even veto the bill after it leaves the Chamber of Deputies. (Nacif)  The constitution does not even grant agenda setting powers to the president.  The president is allowed to initiate bills but the congress has no constitutional obligation to hold any hearings on these bills.

Baller Shot Caller

Pontas foreseeable loss of power triggers his critics of no regret. His unexpected significant setback evaluated the online portal as “anti-Ponta-choice”: The “hellish view” on the return to a run by corrupt politicians one-party state of “stupid and empty nationalism” have conquered the Premier ,

Johannis was “more deeds than words” drawn with the slogan in the election campaign. However, although a Romanian president has something more power than its abundance German or Austrian counterpart, the powers of the heads of state are also limited in the Carpathian State. The high expectations of his constituents is the new guy probably can hardly meet head of state. But at least the integration of locust figure could care again for a little more calm after the resignation of the incumbent Traian Băsescu belligerent. 25 years after the fall of socialism, it is time that the country find themselves johnson and johnson baby wash again and “Romanian society finally begins to heal,” the future father of his country: “Our Romania begins now.” There is no telling how the legal battle over the inheritance of themselves Cornelius Gurlitt developed. The lawyer of Cornelius Gurlitt cousin Uta Werner said on Monday the SZ, it will now still considered the testament Gurlitt to challenge legally. Just last week the family had stated that it would not contest the last will of the gersthofen orbenen on May 6, art collector who had the Kunstmuseum Bern as his sole heir.

For now, we penetrate to settle out of court. “We will proceed step by step,” said the lawyer Wolfgang Seybold. “We will give any event beat us without a fight.”Whether Uta Werner, who like her brother Dietrich Gurlitt was passed over in the will, the process outlined by Seybold course will follow, but is open baby wash.


The family had publicly stated for the case that Bern rash heritage, they’ll have to continue the provenance research provisionally by the Task Force, looted art as soon as possible and returned to the descendants of the Jewish owners and the “degenerate art” associated works as a loan or donation of make public. Of its intention to fight in court over the inheritance, there was no question so far.

The Bus to Paradise

We walked a large stretch of the coastline and then headed back inland. We found a bus called ‘The Bus to Paradise.” Paradise turned out to be a beach covered in contour pallete.


Paradise’s shore stretched for miles and the only thing in the distance were gigantic cliffs jutting out into the sea. The water was crystal clear but too cold to swim in. The sand was hard and rocky but we had lounge chairs to sit on. There were several beach bars playing music but since its not tourist season there was hardly anyone around. Paradise really was all about the most countour makeup.

A few hours later, hunger took over so we decided to head back to the city. I ate dinner with Ellie and Sienna at a restaurant overlooking the harbor. More wonderful Greek food including tzatziki, a dip made from Greek yoghurt, cucumbers, garlic, onions, and dill, another Greek salad, and Mousaka, a local version of lasagna.

So far I am really loving this trip, but I can’t decide what I love more: the beautiful views or the mouthwatering food!

Today was my favorite day yet but I am going to pay for it tomorrow. I can already feel that my legs are going to be sore! Still, horseback riding on a beach is totally worth it.

In the morning, we took a ferry to Delos, the island where the goddess, Leto, gave birth to Apollo and his twin sister, Artemis. According to the myth, Leto – impregnated by Zeus – was not allowed to give birth on land – a condition stipulated by Hera, Zeus’ jealous wife. However, Delos was considered an island not attached to the ocean floor, and so she was able to have Apollo and Artemis there.

Unlike much of Delphi, which was roped off and only to be looked at not touched, we were able to walk in and around the ruins of Delos, interacting with the site as a whole. This was more exciting, standing beneath doorways wondering whose house you have stepped into; sitting on benches carved with symbols you don’t understand. It is so overwhelming to think about how many people have stood or sat in the same place you are now, who they were, what they did, and what it meant to them to be standing there.

I thought about this more during our picnic. It is a profound skill to look at the world around you and question it. When we are so accustomed to our surroundings they mean so little to us, but they could mean so much more one day. It is scary to think that in a few centuries, archeologists could be excavating our college campus and placing our pots and pans in the Franklin College Museum so that future students can learn about their 21st century counterparts.

We arrived back on Mykonos around 3:00pm. We relaxed in the hotel for a little while but Ellie, Shelby and I had fun plans for the rest of the day; we were going horseback riding!

It turned out to be even more fun that I had expected. I thought we would just have a walk from the stable out to the beach but we really got our money’s worth. We rode for about two hours from the ranch in Ano Mera, through the mountains, on a winding road that lead us straight past a huge damn, and out to the beach called Fokos.

My horse was called Artemis. She was dark brown, almost black, and the youngest of the three. As the most inexperienced rider of the group, they gave her to me because she is the least stubborn. Artemis followed close behind our guide and whenever he wanted us to pick up speed, she would promptly begin to trot and even canter. Unfortunately Ellie and Shelby were not as lucky. Their horses were less eager to please. At times when the guide and I were ready to take off down the road, Ellie and Shelby would get left behind because their horses just wouldn’t go, no matter what they did. Still, we all agreed it was definitely worth it. The guide took really nice pictures of us on the beach, and on our ride back home, the stars were already beginning to come out. It was magical.

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