Why Not Run….

Sometimes I like to run. I like to run around lakes and parks and all sorts of places. I run because it’s healthy, because it makes you thin, and because cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of preventable American deaths in the United States. I actually did an extensive research paper on the topic; the incidence rate of adolescent obesity has grown almost 40% in the last century. If I recall correctly, one of the most serious cases was that of an eight year old girl who weighed nearly 300 pounds.


Running everyday is not necessarily healthy. It is important that you chose the right running shoes, the reebok atv 19 for example. The shoes are murdered out, which is slang for “completely black”. They come in all sorts of colors that are sure to make you some new friends on the playground. Speaking of playgrounds, the shoes are perfect for pretty much any terrain you choose. They’re caked trail shoes and have suction cup things on the bottom that grip whatever you’re standing on.


In conclusion, this pair of kicks are the best running shoes in the market. They’re at least decent looking, affordable, and good for all sorts of terrain. Perhaps the content of these two paragraphs have compelled you to get off your desk chair and go on a light jog. Last night I went to the gym and walked while listening to an audiobook because I was so sick of being sedentary. I may even go down to the gym at lunch and walk for a half an hour while I listen to the Hunger Games on YouTube. It’s a pastime of mine. Is that weird? It’s good for your vocabulary. Besides, when was the last time you read a book? Huh!? TELL ME. Probably when you were in high school, because once you get to college you have so much reading to do that I really don’t think anyone can stomach doing it for fun, too

16 Oct
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